About Me

Hi, my name is Raili!

I grew up in a small city called Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I like to spend time with family, friends and even more so with their pets! Barkuterie started as a fun idea for a gift for my cousin's dogs birthday and it quickly turned into the small business. I love dogs and I love food, so what better way to combine the two and create mouth watering charcuterie boards for dogs?!

I create each Barkuterie Board with treats for your pups with an artistic design. Using a combination of the freshest ingredients and natural dyes my products come to life. I take additional steps to personalize these speciality boards for your pets keeping all dietary restrictions in mind.

Each of my items are created with a labour of love, hand prepared, and customizable for any special event. I have received such positive feedback from my community and afar for my vision and ideas it keeps motivating me to move forward and bring new and better ideas to your pups!

Keep following for more updates!

Thank you for your support, Thunder Bay!